MacInnes Scott

This is NOT tech entrepreneur Gabriel Rene

It’s his hyperreal digital double. 


"We think that provenance and persistence of 3D virtual objects is the key to a multi-trillion dollar Virtual and Augmented Reality market that is predicted to revolutionize nearly every major industry over the next decade. VERSES utilizes next generation blockchain technologies to provide virtual objects the missing proof of existence, ownership, and location-awareness necessary for cross-platform interoperability in the virtual and real world.”

Gabriel is the first person to have his digital double encrypted and registered on a blockchain. His company Verses has created a virtual asset management protocol that enables users to securely interact with Hyperreal digital humans across platforms, devices, and locations, allowing for the monetization of your likeness and unlocking new and unlimited revenue streams.

- Exists on any visual media platform that exists now or in the future.

- Working for you anywhere at anytime, 24 hours a day.

- It can be you at sixteen, thirty-six or one hundred and six. It can be you at your physical peak.

- All the the above, forever - your digital likeness is immortal.

- Real-time interactions


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