The game starts with a small clear plastic capsule that contains a micro environment. It's physically real. When you purchase the Nanobots capsule, you are owning a unique piece of real estate, a place that exists in both the real world and the virtual world. You can carry this little world with you, keeping your microscopic companions close.

Each capsule is unique, with a special code that you use to download the VR experience and access a virtual simulation of the microscopic environment contained in the capsule, giving the uncanny illusion that you have been actually transported into the world contained in the plastic capsule. This unique experience is only possible with the advent of VR and is being developed by MacInnes Scott as the next evolution in transformative relationship building.

NFC (near field communication) tech embedded in the capsule will synchronize the ambient conditions (e.g. if it’s day or night) to the virtual world. Alternatively,  ambient light conditions could be determined by the user’s computer clock. The plastic capsule appears to be constructed using a fine hexagonal dome frame. That way (in the virtual version) when you look up you only see a vague generic sky behind a hexagonal mesh canopy far above your head, reinforcing the illusion that you are actually inside the capsule looking out.