a robotic avatar controlled by you

The nanobot exists in the virtual reality environment and is the means by which the user navigates across, and interacts with, the virtual microscopic environment.

It’s a first person perspective, the eyes of the nanobots are the users eyes (familiar to anyone who’s played FPS video games like Call Of Duty), creating an experience that is comparable to Tony Stark inside his Iron Man suit. Just like Call Of Duty and Iron Man the user will be looking through a heads up display (HUD) that will provide visual information to the user (compass, map, energy levels etc).

As well as being your personal avatar the Nanobot is a character in itself: your best friend, guide or exploration partner. Just like Jeeves in Iron Man your Nanobot talks to you, providing information, instruction and advice. However, the Nanobot does not have physical autonomy and is only activated by the user. For all intents and purposes the Nanobot is the physical presence of the user in the virtual world.

The user starts the game by building their Nanobot from a menu of basic model types. Each represents a character archetype: a mid-sized servant (wise old man/woman), a large alpha (protector), smaller teenage girl/boy model (your best friend), a small cute model (mischievous child/shapeshifter). The user can then customize their Nanobot with colors and decals. Most importantly, the user has to name their Nanobot before they can activate it.

In creating their Nanobot the user starts to form a rich emotional bond with their Nanobot that is unique to them. That way no two Nanobots will ever be the same. By switching to the perspective to a ‘third person’ virtual camera, the user can snap a selfie to see they look and share the image with friends.

As the user progresses in the game they will be able to buy new skins/shells to customize their Nanobot and acquire tools and other useful devices (e.g. a propeller backpack to swim through water). Users will be able to buy a real-world Nanobot figurine assembled from interchangeable plastic parts that is identical to their virtual Nanobot. Utilizing NFC tech in the same way that Skylanders and Disney Infinite does, users could also ‘update’ their virtual Nanobot when they alter the physical appearance of their real-world Nanobot figurine.

Base Camp

Base Camp is the user’s home from home. This is where your Nanobot is housed and where the user starts from and returns to. Each time the user puts on their VR device they will be given the choice to start from Base Camp or jump back into where they left off.

At Base Camp users can recharge fuel cells on the Nanobot, pick up tools/equipment and input information that links the Nanobot database to the user’s personal Nanobot web page and connects them to other Nanobot users through the internet.

Base Camp is like having your own private a den. If the environment outside is a place to explore the unknown and come face to face with strange and wonderful creatures, base camp a familiar space where the user feels safe and secure. Here you can watch 2D videos about science and the natural environment or just hang out, it’s totally up to the user - they could even watch movies on Netflix! They’ll be able to personalize this space to really make it their own.