A computer generated (CG) 3D microscopic world that is photo realistic and scientifically accurate and gives the illusion of being inside the plastic capsule. This will mimic aspects a regular landscape: trees, foliage, contours and other features that make it interesting. It’s a landscape that the user has to negotiate, make decisions as to where to go and what the best path is.


Features that we recognize from the ‘normal’ sized world - a flower petal or the hollowed out giant carcass of a long dead beetle - provides a sense of scale as well as an interesting terrain to explore.

The world around us looks very different at the microscopic level. Water drops appear like huge clear balloons, grains of sand the size of boulders and you could wander for days through bed of moss as if it were a prehistoric rain forest.

This is an environment the user will be able to explore day or night. Imagine exploring this landscape after dark with your Nanobot was equipped with headlamps. Imagine encountering microscopic creatures in the dark or observing them as they sleep.

As the Nanobots franchise grows we can expand into a multitude of environments: snow, sand, water, dirt, mixed with foliage etc.

explore a giant world of microscopic proportions