'Righting' the Rules

"Hollywood is under attack from video games. Movies defined the 20th century but games are now pushing them aside as the medium that captures our time, fascination and money. Based on more than 100 interviews with leading figures from videogames and Hollywood, Generation Xbox is the definitive history of an epic power struggle that has reshaped the entertainment landscape. Are you ready to play?"

EMOTION IN MOTION, the climactic chapter in Jamie Russell's acclaimed historical account of the rise of the interactive cinematic experience, GENERATION XBOX HOW VIDEO GAMES INVADED HOLLYWOOD, profiles the leading figures in defining the next chapter in realistic digital humans: David Cage, James Cameron and Remington Scott. 

"Video games are genuine narrative forms and we would be very stupid not to be immersed in and understand them... In the next 10 years, I see a huge shift whether we like it or not. It's going to take you either by surprise or you're going to be there to do it. It's going to be like going from silent films to sound. There are going to be a lot of us that cannot do the talkies because we are not familiar with the form. I think it's urgent that you get familiar with them... They are far more advanced and far smarter about it, so I think it's something we all can learn from and it's urgent that we do."
 -Guillermo Del Toro