connect with a new world of life and adventure

Nanobots is an open world exploration. The object is to learn about the creatures and plant life that live in the microscopic world and collect rewards for doing so. To do this the user first has to learn about the creatures - maybe see pictures of them at base camp under the tutelage of your Nanobot - and then set out to find them. This is a fantastic space to learn about science and the natural world around us.

Your Nanobot acts as your guide/tracker. The user will need to plan for an exploration, assess how much energy they’ll need and how long it’s going to take. With help from your Nanobot you find clues - droppings, eggs, etc - in order to find a creature. When you do find one you have to learn how to approach it (otherwise it will run away). You could gain its trust by moving slowly and in a non-threatening way. You can also learn what it eats, find some food and feed it. This is a process that takes time, skill and patience (and all based on science). Once the user has gained the tardigrades trust they’ll be able to interact with it. You can teach it to come when you whistle and even eventually learn to ride on it’s back. That will open the user up to a whole new way to experience the microscopic environment.

With many virtual pets on the market there’s a consequence for not tending to your pet. Ultimately your virtual pet could die from neglect. The great thing about tardigrades is that they can enter a state of cryptobiosis - curling up in a ball (a tun) and going to ‘sleep’. This is perfect for our purposes as there’s a tangible consequence for lack of attention that is not death. It also forces the user to work to bring the tardigrade back to life which is both biologically correct and extremely compelling. From time to time children can be separated from their Nanobot game - summer camp, school, or a parentally imposed hiatus. Incorporating the tardigrades natural survival mechanism creates an organic reward for users, incentivizing them to return to the game.

The Nanobot will be limited in what it can do - basically walk around, pick up things, carry things. Maybe later, after they’ve acquired a propeller backpack, the user will be able to explore the watery areas. After learning the basic set of skills the user could be rewarded with new game mechanics such as ‘boost jump’ capabilities or the option to buy a vehicle, enabling them to traverse the landscape in a quicker and more interesting way.

The user will be rewarded for various tasks - quests to find things or creatures, cleaning the habitat etc (TBD). Money or some kind of currency play a big part in games - and are often the sole source of monetization - so we should think if this is something we need to adopt.