Nanobot Micro Park is a VR sandbox exploration


There’s something for everyone in the Micro Park as you explore a microscopic world through the eyes of your own Nanobot avatar and search for weird and wonderful creatures that you’ll tame and befriend.


Nanobots builds on the tradition of virtual pets and ‘toys-to-life’ games like Skylanders and Disney Infinity. More than a game, Nanobots incorporates STEM education and is designed to entertain and teach about the real world while fostering creativity, curiosity and social skills through play. It allows anyone to immerse themselves the microscopic world that exists all around us that until now has been too small to access.


What makes Nanobots so compelling is the bridge it creates between the real world and virtual world


Nanobots starts in the real world with a small clear plastic capsule small enough to hold in your hand. This contains the Micro Park, your own personal biosphere. When you put on the HMD you are transported into the virtual Micro Park, creating a powerful illusion that you have actually been transported into the world contained in the capsule.




The core of Nanobots Micro Park is a virtual world accessible through a high end HMD (Vive, Oculus, PSVR). 


However, you'll be able access the Micro Park anywhere and anytime though an app and a mobile VR portal on your mobile device. That way you can check in with your Nanobot wherever you are or fully immerse yourself in the Micro Park when you’re at home.

Build your Nanobot - A friend for life

When you put on your HMD you’re looking out through the eyes of your Nanobot. As well as being your personal avatar your Nanobot is an AI character that talks to you, an experience something like Tony Stark inside his Iron Man suit.

Screenshot 2017-08-18 18.27.40.png

Every Nanobot is unique because you get to build it. You start by choosing your Nanobot body from a menu, customize with skins and accessories, then you select its AI personality. It’s character could be a best friend, mentor or protector. Lastly, you give your Nanobot a name. You’ve just created your own AI friend. Unlike Alexa and Siri your Nanobot is unique to you, it has a physical form, a personalty and character that can accompany you outside of the Micro Park and be your friend for life.

Base Camp - Home from home


Kids have always created dens, a secret place that they can go and hang out. Base Camp is like a den within the Micro Park. Stepping into the Micro Park is like entering your own jurassic park and for younger users it could be a little challenging. So we’ve created Base Camp as a safe space, a stepping-off point for exploration into the unknown territory outside.

Base Camp is where your Nanobot lives. Here you’ll find useful tools/equipment and plenty of things to do. You can customize it, plan missions, surf the web, post stuff, play games or just hang out. It’s your space to do whatever you want and to make your own.

Tardigrades - A miracle of biology

There’s an enormous variety microscopic creatures but our initial focus is on tardigrades (aka water bears). Tardigrades are a miracle of biology. These tiny creature live in every environment on earth, they can survive radiation and even live in outer space. 


Kids are fascinated by dinosaurs because they're monsters that kids can feel ok about because they are extinct. Tardigrades are safe because although they appear large in the Micro Park, they are in fact extremely small. They look like friendly loveable pigs. Once young users learn to interact comfortably with the tardigrades we can introduce other creatures that might be a little more scary (spider mites, parasites etc).