john macinnes

As a screenwriter for movies and video games, John MacInnes was awarded the 2011 Academy Nicholl Fellowship for his script OUTSIDE THE WIRE, a gritty and intense action thriller.  The script was picked up by Cinestar Pictures as a vehicle for Zoe Saldana (Guardians Of The Galaxy, Avatar, Star Trek) to star in and produce.

His talent caught the attention of the multi-billion dollar franchise Call of Duty, who commissioned John to write CALL OF DUTY, ADVANCED WARFARE starring Academy Award Winner Kevin Spacey.  This went on to be the highest grossing video game of 2014.

John’s experience crafting Triple A and interactive adventure games as well as studio movies has given him a deep understanding of the role that story, character and world building play in the creation of internationally renowned entertainment. His creativity combined with an extensive knowledge of Game Engine, CG, Performance Capture, 3D technology and film production make John uniquely qualified to produce and create Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content across all platforms.

remington scott

Remington Scott has been at the fore front of computer graphic imagery and emerging media for more than 25 years. So it’s no surprise to now find him at the cutting edge of Augmented / Virtual Reality.

He most recently won acclaim for his work as performance capture director on CALL OF DUTY, ADVANCED WARFARE. Starring Academy Award Winner Kevin Spacey, ADVANCED WARFARE is the latest title in the $11bn Call Of Duty franchise and was biggest selling video game of 2014.

Remington’s achievements in motion pictures are extensive, including supervisory digital production under filmmakers Peter Jackson, Sam Raimi, Robert Zemeckis, Bryan Singer, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Zack Snyder and others. Remington was the man who brought Gollum to life on LORD OF THE RINGS which received the Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects for "using a computer motion capture system to create the split personality character of Gollum and Smeagol". He was instrumental in creating the digital human characters in the Academy Award winning VFX for SPIDER-MAN 2 & 3, SUPERMAN RETURNS and WATCHMEN and was the performance capture director for the first ever computer-generated theatrically released movie to showcase principle hyper-real digital humans, FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRIT WITHIN.

His passion for digital technology started at an early age. Before graduating from New York’s School of Visual Arts, Remington created the first digitized home video game in the mid 1980s, a full decade before the technology became mainstream in the consumer marketplace. The design of the most realistic human forms in computer games today can be traced to his efforts. Similarly, in the early 1990s he pioneered three-dimensional performance capture technology for the digitization of human characters in games and moviesOver his career Remington has authored patents for realistic digital human animation and replication which can be seen on films such as AVATAR, RISE OF THE APES, TIN TIN, and THE HOBBIT.



Nominations include Proto and Lumiere Awards for Best Music Experience (VR), Best Computer Graphics and Animation (VR).  Showcased by AMD and HTC Vive and featured at the Art Of VR exhibit at Sotheby’s NYC.

John and Remington have spoken on panels around the world including Game Developers Conference, Directors Guild of America, VR on The Lot, IFA and delivered a TEDx about their work.