MacInnes Scott


"wide awake"


Download from Viveport and Steam, January 20th 2017

MacInnes Scott has created an exploratory dramatic and cinematic narrative that reveals the potential future of a Trump presidency. 

It’s 2am in the Oval Office.  The phone is ringing but nobody is picking up.  Is President Trump vigilantly protecting the nation against encroaching darkness?  Or has his actions resulted in sleepless nights?  His focus is intense. Is he leaning against his desk in contemplation or pushing off towards an unknown future?  

“VR is a new medium with the potential of being a movie or video game, a combination of both or something completely new,” says John MacInnes. “We see Trump In VR as art - a tableau vivant, in the American tradition of artists like Edward Hopper in painting, Gregory Crewdson and Cindy Sherman in photography. Unlike a painting and photography, you can interact with the art in virtual reality.”

MacInnes Scott's proprietary digital human 'maximum resolution' replication system utilizes HTC Vive's room scale and Epic's Unreal engine to  render the character and environment in real-time 3D. 

On the 20th of January Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States of America.

MacInnes Scott's John MacInnes shows off the more realistic digital human in VR at the VR on the Lot